About Us

Scott Brown, the Principle Instructor of Ochs America, has taught and trained extensively around the world and was the principle founder of HEMA clubs in St. Louis and Houston before moving to Orlando where he now resides.  While the day-to-day training at OCHS America emphasizes training fundamentally expert fencers, Scott also offers a specialized program for training instructors based on the unique teaching and training methods he’s developed over many years of study.

Ochs America, while not a member of the Verein, is associated with Ochs Historiche Kampfkünste (http://www.schwertkampf-ochs.de), one of Germany’s most prestigious historical fencing and martial arts organizations.  Scott looks forward to continuing his longstanding relationship with Ochs as well as bringing more quality leaders into the program to research, train, and exchange at the top tier level Ochs is widely known for.

Weekly classes at Ochs America primarily focus training the sword and buckler teachings of the Royal Armouries manuscript I.33, also known as the “Art of the Priest,” as well as the unarmoured longsword teachings of the famous Meister Johannes Liechtenauer’s disciples.  These Kunst des Fechtens, or “Arts of Combat,” are part of the Germanic cultures’ combat heritages of the 1300’s – 1600’s.

Passionately dedicated to the training, study, and promotion of historical European martial arts, Ochs America offers several training options and “expansion” programs beyond our sword and buckler and longsword programs.  These include empty-handed grappling, dagger, dussack, langes messer, rapier, polearms, sabre, and singlestick. These options are available through personal training, seminars, and occasional specialty classes. We are working on adding some of these to the regular schedule soon!  See our “Training” pages for more details.

Ochs America is also the host group for the WMA / HEMA event Fechtschule America, coming soon to Orlando!  Details will be added soon to the homepage at www.fechtschuleamerica.com.

All schedules subject to change.  Call anytime to schedule a time to come check out a class and please feel free to use our contact page to reach via email.

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